Jim Smith


Tenor Guitar (a four string guitar) and Vocals  

When Jim Smith was a young boy growing up in Horseheads, NY, he bit the head off a live chicken. This was not the chicken’s fault. To be fair, it wasn’t even really Jim’s fault.   
It was the fault of whoever had leaked the news to Jim that biting the heads off chickens was the means by which a circus geek made his living. Jim wanted to be prepared. Jim would say this was a good idea since he turned out to be a geek.  
Elizabeth Gilbert  

   Along with these accomplishments, Jim has been on the artists roster for the Pennsylvania Council on Art since 1984. In 1994, Jim performed at the First International Louis Armstrong Jazz Festival in LeHarve, France. Jim has also traveled the world as a Jazz ambassador for the state department.  He has an extensive knowledge of American popular songs from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s.